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The new morgue can serve 14 hospitals in the region and will be powered by an on-board diesel generator. The unit costs about $82,000 and is equipped to handle up to 24 decedents. The county is currently working with grant funds from the Health and Human Services' ARPA program to purchase the trailers. The county's Emergency Management program may use the new morgue trailers in times of disasters.

For those who aren't familiar with mobile morgue trailers, they can be purchased for less than $42,500. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a mobile morgue is that it's easy to transport. Most units are powered by a generator, so you can take it with you wherever you go. In addition to being easy to maneuver, a mobile morgue is also inexpensive and convenient for families. If you're interested in buying a mobile mortuary trailer, contact Paladin, a disaster preparedness solutions company. They offer high-quality bumper-pull morgue trailers and 53-foot refrigerated morgue trailer conversions.

The mobile morgue trailers are designed to meet the demands of emergency response workers. They have low-entry floors and ramp systems. Expandable racking systems can accommodate industry standard equipment. The units are also fully compatible with shore- or generator power systems. The refrigeration system is built by Penn Care, with a 20-year life span. The interiors are 100% sealed for decontamination. The trailers can be easily hose-washed.

A mobile morgue trailer can provide a reliable and affordable solution to the need for a portable morgue. There are many different manufacturers and models available, so it's important to compare prices before purchasing. One of the leading companies in disaster preparedness solutions is Paladin, which provides the highest quality bumper-pull and refrigerated morgue trailers. It also offers quality service and technical support. It is a great investment for disaster relief organizations, so don't hesitate to contact them. Learn more from Penn Care Inc.

Featuring a wide range of options, the units can be custom-fitted to the organization's specifications. A mobile morgue trailer is the ideal disaster response solution for hospitals, hospices, and other organizations. The units are designed for convenience and efficiency, and the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) safety standards are met.

Mobile morgue trailers can be a cost-effective and reliable disaster response solution for many disasters. The company that manufactures them is a leader in disaster preparedness and is the largest manufacturer of purpose-built morgue trailers. The company also provides bumper-pull and refrigerated 53-foot-trailers. Among its other products, the mortuary-friendly modular portable morgue is designed with easy-access and maintenance.

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